About Me


I’m a techie (which is how I earn a living) and a budding generalist the rest of the time. Always an over-thinker and tinkerer, optimising systems and processes of all kinds is what floats my boat.
I’m motivated as long as I’m learning.

But I also enjoy taking way too long over things (when I have the opportunity): 
☕ Brewing another filter coffee
🛠 A workshop project
📚 A good book
💻 A tech project on the side
🥃 A single malt

Talk to me about anything related to the interests above.

Current Role: Technical Product Manager

I work at the UK Hydrographic Office in Somerset where I’m a Product Owner supporting the development of the UKHO’s digital products and services.

As a member of the Scrum team, I assist the team in providing technical support to the business and help to identify, prioritise and design improvements to support development, testing and deployment for these products.

Plant Spaces

I’m building a newsletter that delivers inspirational plant-filled spaces from a featured guest every week, along with their best tips and hot takes.

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Pipe Dreams IT

In my spare time, I use my tech skills to help those closest to me get further in achieving their goals by helping out with their website and email management needs.

Recent projects were completed for:

Check it out: pipedreams.it

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