Cool Stuff

I frequently find myself recommending cool services and gear that I’ve discovered, so I’ve consolidated a list of them below to avoid repeatedly having to dig out the links. A few of them offer some decent benefits for referrals, so I’ll make use of those where possible. Of course I’ll benefit in some way if you use the links on this page.

Proton – Mail/Drive/VPN/Calendar

I’ve been slowly swapping out Windows and Google products and services for more private and secure alternatives. One of the earliest switches I made was from Gmail to Proton Mail. Since then Proton have expanded into an ecosystem that’s added VPN, Calendar and Drive services for a reasonable price. There’s still some functionality missing that makes for a perfect replacement, but they make their roadmap public and have been pumping out updates at a reasonable pace, keeping the quality high, so I’m glad to have bought in. If you’re looking to make your emails, calendars, web traffic and files less visible to big tech firms, I’d highly recommend Proton.

Their referral deal offer let’s you try their “Proton Mail Plus” plan for free for a month. If you sign up, I get credits toward my monthly plan. Sign up via the button below.

Octopus Energy

I’ve been impressed with these guys ever since I signed up. I’m particularly impressed that they’re building tools that are being used by the other energy providers and are thus underpinning and connecting things together in the sector. They only deal in renewable energy and they offer complete packages with regards to home energy, electric vehicles and EV charging to simplify things. Their platform is easy to use, their brand is informal and fun, so I catch myself smiling more often than I should with a utility company.

Their referral deal is to split £100 with whoever you refer. You can do that by signing up via this button.


Minimalist footwear that brings you many of the benefits of walking barefoot when it comes to foot health and balance, but without all the “you’re not wearing shoes!” comments.
The Vivo’s have had reports of quality issues, but I’ve not experienced that with the 3 pairs I’ve owned nor have friends who’ve owned a pair. They’re also the least naff looking of the barefoot shoe brands and have a good recycling program at

Their referral offer gives you 20% off.


Nexo is a company that allows you to buy and store crypto assets and offers interest free loans with no pay-back date.
I use it as a long-term savings pot because the interest rates on anything the banks are offering are quite terrible. There’s no need to take on the risk of crypto volatility as you can store your savings in particular “stablecoins” that are pegged at the same value as your local currency and still benefit from 6-12% interest rates that are paid out daily.

Their referral offer gives us both $25 in Bitcoin.

Coffee Factory

Those that know me know that I thoroughly enjoy a good filter coffee. The good thing is there’s loads of great roasters around and it’s good to explore, however the only coffee subscription I’ve signed up for is my local one – The Coffee Factory, run by roaster Danny.
The quality of the coffee is a given, so the reason I recommend them is actually because of the flexibility of the subscription. Danny’s worked to make it super convenient for customers to be able to define how often they want to receive coffee through their mailbox – you can set the frequency in days (“every 17 days”), you can skip your next delivery if you’ve ended up with too much or pause it for a while if you need to. I’d recommend signing up for the “Roasters Choice” so you receive a different type of coffee in pretty much every delivery.

His referral offer gives us both £5 off our next subscription. You’ll need my email address though, so get in contact to find out.