The Complacent Army of Disciples

by 11 Dec 2021

The Judeo-Christian scriptures tell us we’re all in a War. It says it’s been going on since Mankind was made and God has already won (it wasn’t even close).

We are fighting a spiritual enemy and, as in a physical battle, one of the most effective tactics the enemy can employ is to remain undetected.

To be invisible on the battlefield is probably the biggest advantage to be had for the simple reason that you can’t set your cross-hairs on an enemy you can’t see. You don’t know their position, their numbers or their weapons. There’s nothing to be observed and no intelligence to be gathered if they can remain completely unseen.
Over time, in the absence of a visible enemy to focus on, trivial affairs supplant their attention and complacency creeps into the camp. The soldiers begin to neglect the disciplines, skills and procedures that keep them fit and ready for action. With no enemy in sight, they abandon their posts and forget the importance of maintaining their weapons. After enough time, there’s general consensus that they’re getting in the way and are moved into storage where they soon grow rusty.
Meanwhile the enemy watches on, observing with delight as the complacent army grows fat and lazy. Strategies are developed to exploit the vulnerabilities in their defences.
One night, the enemy comes over the wall and into the camp, plundering it and leaving as secretly as they came. Awaking late the following morning, the soldiers discover the destruction and in the chaos turn on each other, discounting altogether the possibility of enemy action.

I propose that the complacency seen in this lazy army is the same as the complacency we’re prone to in our daily Christian lives.

Are we not more concerned about day-to-day life in the camp, and the comforts it has to offer, than we are about ending the War early so we can go Home?
Do we even know what the Home is that we are fighting for? Are we living as citizens of the Kingdom of God; or have we become so comfortable in our barracks that we’ve applied for dual nationality in this foreign land?

After this realisation, we’re left with an important question and an uncomfortable answer:

How can we possibly win a war that we keep forgetting we’re in?

We can’t.

I know that immediately raises further questions, but that’s what I hope to explore here. I don’t know about you but I know that I need to be reminded that I’m in a War and I can see that most in the family of believers need it too. That’s why I started The Warfare Journal; to create a tool for myself and other believers to rouse us from our complacency by reminding us what’s truly at stake in this world of distraction and comfort. It’s a tool for exploring the ways in which we can train ourselves to be capable soldiers and take ground for our homeland; the Kingdom of God.

If you’re interested in getting battle-ready, and losing a few spiritual pounds in the process, I’d love for you to join me.

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